Barry Mangan
JD, Realtor®, GRI, SRES

About Me

It's not about me!  It's about you!  Your goals, concerns and your interests about real estate are what matter, not mine!  I understand that. My focus is on my clients' interests and goals before my own - that way we all are more likely to succeed in meeting your goals as well as my goals.


Whether you already own your own home, are a seasoned investor, or are a first-time buyer, my focus must be on your best interests. You may not want to work with someone who thinks otherwise.  What you need to know is that I am equipped in many ways to do that.  I left a full time law practice to sell real estate because I really enjoy it so much. And as a consequence of my law background, I am very well prepared to be your advocate in real estate and I take my fiduciary duties very seriously. I am on your side.


If you are now an owner of real estate you may be just fine and looking for a long-term strategy, or you may be facing disappointment, confusion, fear, and worse. I am well equipped to help you understand your options. If you are an owner in distress, I can walk you through your options from sitting tight, to possible loan modification to short sale, from cash for keys to foreclosure, even how bankruptcy might need to be in your range of options. But don't wait to find out your options until they disappear before you can use them. Get connected with the information you need sooner rather than later. You will have more options to explore earlier on. And it is much easier to hear and understand them when you are not living in the fear of the immediate unknown.


I’ve had my real estate license since 1983 and enjoy all aspects of real estate.  I enjoy selling all over Santa Clara County, from Saratoga to Morgan Hill, and in the Santa Cruz Mountains, from Boulder Creek to Santa Cruz. I enjoy referrals from my satisfied clients. I enjoy meeting new clients and I look forward to working with you.  Feel free to ask me as many questions as you need. And I will look forward to discovering what it is that you want to do with real estate.  You may come to see that more is possible than you imagined. I will look forward to talking with you.