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Dear Barry:

Well, it took us quite a while to find the right property at the right price, but we did it!  I want to thank you for working with me for over a year  to find the right property at the right price.  Your knowledge of the area, your  knowledge of the current market conditions, financing and all the legalities made me feel most comfortable when buying my property.

Your persistence and your patience were remarkable.  You straightforward manor and your honest evaluations of properties as we looked gave me complete confidence that I was being guided in the right direction.  I feel like I made the best deal possible.  Your input and support gave me the confidence to get it done.

It is most uncommon these days to work with someone who is motivated to do what is best for the client rather than to push for the quick deal.  Without a doubt, I will be recommending you to anyone I know looking to purchase or sell real estate.

I will keep in touch and let you now how things are working out with my project.  Hope to invite you to the property soon to see the progress.

Thanks for all your hard work.



Real Estate Done Right! Barry Mangan

      I was in the market for a 2nd, modest, get away home in the Boulder Creek Area and worked with Barry for over 6 months. Barry's professionalism, expertise and inspiration was the main factor in my obtaining the cottage of my dreams within my price range! Barry showed me each and every property that met my search criteria. He was well organized, prompt, efficient not to mention, a true pleasure to work with! He met me in the mountains while it bucketed with rain, climbed under homes, up in attics with me and independently searched and researched county records on my behalf.  We wrote up numerous offers that didn't go through to no fault of anyone and when I became frustrated and voiced giving up.....Barry inspired me to stay smack in the game and I'm so glad i did!  I found my cottage shortly thereafter!  Another thing that stands out is, after all was said and done and I'm all settled in my new home, Barry continued to follow through in various ways. He cleaned the leaves off the roof and left his ladder with me until I secured my own. He rang me to make sure my particular property was ready for the storm and reminded me of a annual County Septic Inspection that was due in the next couple of weeks. Now this is what I call service!  If you want your Real Estate needs met over and above...Call Barry Mangan.


Kathie G


Anne P - Alberta, Canada 

Barry steered me through a long-distance condo purchase, and I could not be happier. I met him at first through his website, and met him in person after a few months of browsing the condo possibilities online. When I came to San Jose for a short visit, he had arranged a whistle-stop tour of the most likely prospects and in three days I was able to make a decision. Subsequently, he patiently helped, through phone calls and emails, with copying documents and transferring money, and he acted as liaison with all other parties in San Jose. The condo I bought is exactly what I was looking for and his after-sales service has been great. (Thanks, Barry!) I have no hesitation in recommending him as a conscientious and knowledgeable realtor.



Marji Petsch

Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Christian Community Credit Union

Barry Mangan did an awesome job with the listing of our REO.  He was professional and helpful and took the initiative on several occasions to work with others to ensure the home was ready for sale.  In todays market we were amazed at how quickly the home sold, and that success is due in great part to Barry.  I recommend him highly.



                I would like to express my gratitude to Realty World Land of Liberty for their hard work and kindness demonstrated to me in the 4 month period while selling my property at 1523 Shaw Drive, San Jose.  The team effort from the professionals at Realty World was extraordinary and vastly surpasses anything I had experienced from other realtors in my past.

               In particular, I want to sincerely thank Barry Mangan for his professional advice, positive attitude and hard labor he contributed on a daily basis to insure the best possible selling price of my property.  However, Barry went way beyond what could possibly be expected of a professional realtor.  His experience and advice concerning remodeling the property was 100% right on the mark.  Barry’s network of laymen contracted to remodel the property was always professional and of the highest caliber.  They always got the job done as scheduled and at the price they quoted.  Keeping to our original schedule for the sale of my property was critical.  Barry was the key and the driving force  making it all happen.  His professional demeanor, marketing skills and hard work during the open house weekend was superlative.  My property was listed on the market for a mere 8 days.  During this period I had received an offer for the selling price which I happily accepted.  Barry’s work however was not done at this critical point in time.  The buyer’s realty agent, whom I shall not name, was inexperienced and in my opinion unprofessional.  During the complex sequence of events required to get the new home owner’s  loan approved by the bank, their agent repeatedly made fundamental mistakes.  If that was not worse enough, their agent failed to take any corrective action to remedy the issue.  Once again, Barry rose to the occasion.  Using his exceptional knowledge of how financial institutions approve, fund and close the purchase of property, Barry stepped in to resolve the numerous issues which had stopped the loan process completely.  Without Barry’s help, I am totally convinced that the final closing of my property would have never happened.  Barry was always there when needed.

                There is something else I would like to say about Barry Mangan which goes well above and beyond the call of duty.  His sincere concern about me and the sale of my property was unlike anything else I have experienced.  Barry is one of the most decent and caring persons I have ever met in my 59 years.  I feel very privileged to have met him and consider myself very fortunate to have him as my agent.  I cannot find the words to adequately describe Barry’s hard work and humanity.

                Last, but not least, I want to thank John Leahy for his management and hard work he had performed in my behalf while I was moving to my new apartment.  There is a lot to be said about someone who can keep smiling and maintain a positive attitude during the move of my many possessions. 

Thanks again Barry, John, Carol and to everyone else at Realty World Land of Liberty who contributed to the successful sale of my property.  You are indeed the very best.

Thank you,



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